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I am teaching and developing a series of Biochemistry Laboratory Courses in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at UCSB. My hope is to provide students who are interested in biochemistry a valuable experience in modern methods and techniques through a set of exciting but still challenging experiments. I am particularly glad to see that the first of the courses, Introductory Biochemistry Laboratory has been a nice success.

Many course materials, such as lecture notes and experiment manuals in this web site are password protected. Contact Dr. Kalju Kahn to obtain the login ID and password.


Course materials in this web site reflect an ongoing development in the content of courses Chem110L, Chem125L, and Chem112L. All material provided is for informational purposes only, can and will change, and does not constitute a legal obligation on behalf of the Department, or the Lecturer. The user understands and agrees that the University, the Department, or the Lecturer are not responsible for any errors or damage that may result from using the information presented in these pages.

Course pages

Chem 110L Introductory Biochemistry Laboratory Fall 2009
Chem 125L Laboratory Techniques in Biochemistry Winter 2010
Chem 112L Biophysical and Bioanalytical Laboratory Spring 2010
Chem 126 Computational Chemistry Fall 2008
Chem 162/262 Drug Design Winter 2010
Chem 111 Chemical Kinetics Fall 2010
Chem 142A Biochemistry (Lecture) Summer 2010
Chem 1C General Chemistry (Lecture) Spring 2006
Chem 109A Organic Chemistry (Lecture) Summer 2002
Chem 109C Organic Chemistry (Lecture) Spring 2007
BMSE 259 Molecular Biology and Protein Purification Graduate Laboratory Summer 2007

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