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The Chemistry and Biochemistry Program in the College of Creative Studies is ideal for students who are eager to get into the laboratory and start independent research projects. CCS student are encouraged to become involved in independent research early in their undergraduate careers, working alongside graduate students and post-doctoral fellows. We are a small selective College that offers the personal attention of a small school with the resources of a major research university.


Tania Darnton - CCS Chemistry and Biochemistry

Students in this program can extend their study to a level of inquiry usually associated with graduate programs.  Indeed, it is common for our undergraduate students to publish their work in leading scientific journals.  The program aims to educate students for careers as professional researchers in chemistry and biochemistry.  CCS seminar and laboratory courses are designed to prepare students for such work by enriching the basic courses offered by the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Finding CCS: A campus map in PDF format with the CCS building marked can be downloaded here.

Graduates of the Chemistry and Biochemistry Program in CCS typically attend top ranking graduate or professional schools upon completion of their degree.  Over 80% of the CCS math and Science students go on to earn higher degrees. This is much higher rate than many prestigious private universities.

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